Lubrication Management

Lubrication Management

The lubrication system ASSALUB corresponds to the current level of technology and the recognized rules of safety practice. 

It dispenses the right amount of lubricant at the recommended time interval which gives better control on lubrication in comparison to the manual lubrication. Thus the friction moment in the bearings is minimized and less or over lubrication conditions are avoided.

An essential factor for the performance capability and the rating life of a rolling bearing or a linear unit is the correct selection of a suitable grease. With the competence available, the rolling bearing or linear system as a machine element can be given advantages in terms of reliability and rating life on the way to realising an application. For decades, there have been researches in the development and application of greases in order to determine which grease provides the best solution for each application. Greases have for decades been a guarantee of the highest performance capability in rolling bearing and linear applications. All greases have been subjected to a demanding test of suitability.


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