Torque Measurements

Torque Measurements

Provides users with a deeper understanding of the operational demands of their machines when it is difficult to diagnose a problem through standard vibration analysis

Strain gauges are used to measure the static and dynamic torques on a twisting shaft. Analysis of torsional vibration can help to understand over-torque events, transient load, estimation of the remaining life of a mechanical component, and most importantly avoid unexpected failures due to shaft cracks in gears and rolls. 

The service team of UPTIME  supports the industry with torque and force measurements that help to optimize the operation process.

With sensorised machines and in-built sensors connected to the Internet, we can monitor  production equipment remotely and in real time.– dependable and precise with sensors and mechatronic products, make use of our know-how in the form of digital services in order to automatically generate relevant information from the gathered data and receive specific recommendations for action. use them specifically for controlling processes, maximizing availability , or optimizing product. 


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